Civil Contractors

Civil Contractors is dedicated to producing quality civil construction works for the residential, industrial, commercial and infrastructure sectors, whilst maintaining the highest level of integrity at all times. We offer clients the expertise, equipment, resources and technology required to complete even the toughest construction project.

Our dedication to quality and excellence, coupled with our knowledge of the intricate issues that surround the industry, ensure that a high level of competency in all areas of project operation and management is achieved on every job, every time.

Civil Contractors is a diversified Civil Construction company that is well known for having the highest level of integrity in its business dealings. Our aim is to ensure that every day, in everything we do; we maintain and build on this reputation of integrity.

We dedicate ourselves to the safety and wellbeing of our people, clients, suppliers and the society in which we work and live. We are committed to achieving social, economic and environmental sustainability in everything we do.

Success is no Accident!
Our Mission is to become the leading contracting company in Australia by providing a level of service that makes Civil Contractors the first choice in our field. We aim to achieve this by having the lowest safety incidence rate of any company in our industry thus becoming a market leader in safety management. Our Goal is to provide safe work places, build better relationships with our clients, provide cost effective solutions which will lead to repeat work with satisfied clients and produce well presented projects.

We strive for:
  • all personnel to be inducted to sites, adequately trained and aware of any hazards.
  • zero safety incidents on site.
  • zero environmental incidents on site.
  • and committed to effective/appropriate community engagement. Recognising that it is essential to improve decisions, listen and respond to community needs.
  • our documentation of processes to validate Civil Contractors system’s.

Our Values reflect the cornerstones upon which Civil Contractors has been built.

Value Defined
We will always work safely and not place ourselves or anyone else in a hazardous situation.

We will work proactively in seeking a safe and incident free workplace.

We will openly communicate to all relevant parties any safety concerns as soon as possible.
Environment We will proactively implement practices that ensure environmental sustainability.

We will always adhere to guidelines and legislation in order to protect the natural environment.
Customer Relationships We will always strive to offer more than what is required under a contract, to offer solutions to problems and partner our client in their endeavours.

We will always conduct business in a highly professional manner.

We will always provide clients with reliable service.

We will endeavour to be flexible in catering to all our client's needs.
Performance We will offer our clients the expertise, equipment, resources and technology required to complete even the toughest construction project.